Snow plow blades

We offer rubber, polyurethane, steel and carbon blades for snow plows of all types. Blades can be drilled or undrilled, with or without bevels up to 5800 mm length and in every rectangular cross section for your snow plough shield. They are weatherproof and oil- and grease-resistant. The elastic scrapers guarantee a clean snow clearance and protect the road surfaces. In connection with the high abrasion value follows a substantial, better stability. Scraper bars are available for common manufactures such as Schmidt, Beilhack, Kahlbacher, Hydrac, Zaugg Assaloni, Vibromax, Ingersoll.


  • Especially effective in applications involving imbedded lane markers and rumble strips — greatly reducing blade breakage.
  • Ideal for high-speed plowing over roads with excessive joints, cracks, or uneven surfaces.