Aerosweep: Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Sweeper | FOD BOSS

Sweeper equipment designed for collecting small FOD as well as debris. This is an efficient, simple and cost-effective method to remove the accumulated debris from military airfields, civilian airports, automotive grounds, racetracks, etc.


Works effectively in wet and dry conditions.
Debris such as nuts and bolts, pavement fragments, washers, rivets, stones, sand or gravel is collected simply.
Towing speed of the equipment is up to 40kph.

Easy to use by one person, it is simply towed by any motorized vehicle.
No special licenses or skills are required for operators.
At low speeds using a compact tow vehicle, it can be used right up to and around parked aircraft.
It has no built-in motor, makes no noise; it is simple and reliable.

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